The nature of reality

The nature of reality

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    Just discovered your forum through Reddit. I am also a skeptic and have been contemplating the nature of reality for over 50 years.
    My current thesis is that reality is conscious intelligent energy. The antithesis would be that reality is unintelligent energy. I was looking for an explanation of opposing views that appear irreconcilable. Atheist-theist, politics, UFOs, creationism-evolution, and any subject where one side or the other might conclude that those with the other point of view are idiots or in some way insane.

    The quest is to develop a theory that explains that both sides can be valid. That the atheists and theists points of view are consistent with the nature of reality.

    I believe that conscious intelligent energy (CIE) is the building block that creates life and is contained in all matter. Humans are the highest form of life that we know of and CIE works through us to create the environment that is the life we experience. The history of our experience is contained within our mind and DNA.

    Immediate reality is unique to each person based on their personal experience but going farther back in time are the shared experiences of Race, gender, ethnicity, heritage, family, geographic, and an infinite number of other groupings.

    So the universe and life was created by natural intelligent forces and is therefore consistent for all observers but our personal life experience is created for us according to our beliefs and is there for unique yet equally valid with any opposing beliefs.

    In conclusion, god and religion is a construct of man to explain the creative process, but the reality of the atheist is also created by this same process. So both are valid and I am positive that neither would agree.


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    Addendum to my attempt at an abbreviated explanation of my theory about the nature of reality.

    Quantum physics related

    Father of Quantum Physics: Matter Does Not Create Life, Life Creates Matter


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    Adrian Stratulat

    Thank you for your precious input, Darwin.

    I think what you talk about (although the semantics might vary) is the same as Idealism, a metaphysical paradigm to which I adhere. That conscious intelligent energy is what we call the Universal Mind, or, how Aldous Huxley called it, the Mind at large. It is an all-encompassing field of awareness, a consciousness that “dreams” the entire reality into physical existence.

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